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While I Was Running…What Was Up with the Knicks’ Shot Choice Yesterday?

While I Was Running…What Was Up with the Knicks’ Shot Choice Yesterday?

So last night I went to the gym later than normal but got excited when I realized that I could actually catch a good NBA game while I ran. So I turned to the Bulls v. Knicks game and Derrick Rose showed why he should be MVP for the league but I digress…but not before a Rose/Bulls are so NOT the 2010 Cavs break, lol:

Anyway during the portion of the third quarter I watched I noticed that the Knicks kept shooting these longer shots that they were missing. The odd part was that after missing two longer range two point shots someone (may have been the same person, mind you I was running during this) put up a three pointer also missing. I’m no expert on the game of basketball but something just seems wrong about this strategy. I mean unless you are a Jesus Shuttlesworth that your niche on a team is to shoot 3s maybe getting some layups as regular points or on a fast-break may be, just may be, the better way to re-build momentum and increase your shot success percentage when you are down in a game.

So what is up with the Knicks’ shot choice last night? Was this just a third quarter thing? Or is this a general Knicks problem? Also, is this a pre or post ‘Melo problem? It may be just me but I feel that the Knicks were on a better trajectory towards getting back to their Ewing & John what’s his name (you know who I’m talking about, right? lol) like success days/years prior to the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony than now that he is in the fold. But that’s a topic for another day…

My original plan was to tweet the above question to Mr. Trilliam Shakespeare who is the resident Knicks fan on my Twitter TL but I couldn’t get my question ok my intro to the question with the question down to 140 characters or even in two tweets. So here I am writing this post. So Till, if you are reading this I would be interested in your thoughts and frankly anyone feel free to chime in because in my 3/4 focus on running and 1/4 focus on watching the Bulls/Knicks play I was just baffled by the Knicks’ shot choices I mean you just hit a brick in the last possession and now you are shooting from further away?!?! #OneOfTheseThingsIsNotLikeTheOthersOneOfThingsJustDoesntBelong


P.S. – I would have loved to show you what I am talking about via video but the NBA doesn’t do highlight video of poor play decisions :{ #JustSaying #KanyeShrug


Cavs Beat Lakers: “Down Goes Frazier?” Only in my Dreams…

So last night basically EVERYONE on my Twitter feed was either appalled and/or making cracks about the Cleveland Cavelers beating the Los Angeles Fakers Lakers 104-99. Lots of people on my Sports List were saying oh does this mean that the Fakers Lakers are done now that they’ve lost 3 in a row?, how could LA loose to the Cavs? and more. Well as much as this would bring a big cheese smile on my face to see the Lakers down, I had thoughts of “Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier” in my head, I knew and know that its too early to call 😦

In my humble fan opinion sadly, really sadly, I wouldn’t call the Lakers down and out yet. I think it was @BlkSportsOnline who made a Rocky reference with the Lakers and I think its fitting. Ugh this hurts to say…but don’t consider the Lakers out until playoff time. At least in the last few seasons, the Lakers have done good enough (I say this because I think the Lakers are lazy – not necessarily a rational statement but I’m not a Lakers fan so this reflects my rose colored glasses towards them) to get into the playoffs and then magically like Rocky has done 6-7 times they pull it all together (sometimes with the help of a 7th man or men aka the officiating team of any given series…don’t believe me read this) in the playoffs and find their way AGAIN to the NBA Finals where thanks to the wishes and push of Stern and his marketing team oh and those paid off officials (Did I mention I’m not a Lakers fan?) they survive.

So as great as last night was for Cavs fans and Beat LA! fans everywhere…its not over till “The Fat Lady Sings” (excuse my non-PC coloquialism). But in the meantime enjoy the moment:

See 1:08-1:30 for even more highlights see Lakers vs. Cavs 😀

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DNMP on Kolb v. Vick

So pretty much for any half way serious football fan yesterday was bien loco! If it wasn’t what was going on on the field (two games decided by penalties in the final seconds) it was what was going on off the field (cue Moss’ post game press conference).

Ever since Michael Vick showed a glimpse of his old self after an uneventful Kolb season opener appearance “everyone” has been talking about who will be the Eagle’s starting quarterback. Though in certain aspects I am no authority on the matter, I’m just a graduate student who watches football as a release from graduate school and a few other reasons beyond I like the game, here are my two cents on Kolb v. Vick: NEITHER has proved that they deserve the QB 1 spot!

For Kolb he is a Robin without his Batman (McNabb). Sure he’s been practicing with the team as QB 1 for a few weeks and all and though the exact stat eludes me in this moment (just my luck right…) he has started in less than a handful of NFL games. Additionally, less than one half of one game (the first one at that) of a regular season is not enough to accept or reject him. That last statement is not a pass for Kolb because he was not looking so good out there but I mean Matty Saracen in Friday Night Lights didn’t look so good his first full game as QB 1 (I know not exactly the same as the NFL but I like Friday Night Lights and its a similar comparison besides I’m writing this post as a conversation if you hadn’t noticed by now). Kolb, before his concussion (I hope you recover healthy Kolb), was in the process of showing people that he is more than a Robin, more than a second without his leader; shifts like these take time and Kolb just has not been given enough of it.

For Vick, he’s like (was like) Austin Powers when he lost his mojo – just out of sorts. Now, the second half yesterday has many thinking that he [Vick] has gotten his mojo back but I am not so sure. Last night was not a normal game situation as Vick had to step up and his playing was not the plan for Philly and not for Green Bay either (Unfortunately I cannot find the blog post that talked about this point :{ If I find it I’ll add  it). Now that we (the fans & the NFL sports world) have seen a flicker of the old Vick that made him so famous, in a good way, Vick needs to show that the flicker we saw is actually a new strong flame that could indeed lead the Eagles in the post-McNabb era (though my raw reaction during the game was, “Did Vick have this planned the whole time because last night was light years away from his prior awful performances post-Dog gate? If so what a ‘gansta’ way to show the team and the world who should be leading the Eagles!”).

To close, I do not know what Andy Reid is going to do nor do I have sufficient data to state one way or the other that Andy Reid should pick one QB over the other but I will say it did seem like the Eagles players did something different (okay I’m being nice…something better) with Vick that they did not do with Kolb. I feel that its more important for Reid to figure out what that thing was and then see if this can be done with either man as QB or not than for Reid to re-choose his QB 1. Finally, it is just one game!…one down and sixteen to go…too early to make major changes…lets revisit this in 2-3 weeks when both (pending Kolb’s recovery) have a chance to play a game against an opponent or two.


P.S. – I agree with everyone who said that Reid’s time management, or lack their of, hindered Philly’s chance to complete the comeback they started. I mean no timeouts in the final 2:00 mins! I may not be an authority on football game strategy but even I know the importance of having a timeout late in a football game…its like the NBA “being able to advance the ball after a timeout” rule i.e. it can help win close games when you use the tool and definitely help you loose close games if you can’t use the tool.


When By Any Means Necessary Goes Wrong…

When By Any Means Necessary Goes Wrong…

So I recently read a recent post at Ed the Sports Fan called “Kobe Doin Work.” In this post a guest blogger shows how Kobe is hungry for this current title and how Kobe has been “Doin Work” his whole career to be as successful as he is. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a Lakers fan and I am not a Kobe fan either…I’ve even tried to prove & if I ever get time will re-try to prove that he is not as great of a player that people say (I know I know…its crazy I feel like a JFK or 911 conspiracy theorist or something when I share this opinion with people). Anyway, I am going to put my un-rational personal feelings aside and try to analyze the pattern that is discussed in the Ed the Sports Fan post and share “When By Any Means Necessary Goes Wrong.”

Based on pure work ethic even a non-Kobe fan like myself can admire when a person works hard and achieves greatness but the biggest question I had when I read the post is if you hurt, dismiss, or discredit most of the people around you to achieve greatness have you really achieved anything? I get that in the pursuit of your dreams there are some that you may need to “check” as they are truly hindering you getting your dream especially when this occurs through ill measures. However, I feel that Kobe has done this on such a level that its like his achievements are tainted. And this is why at the end of the day it is hard for me to state or stomach that he is one of the greatest players of late 90s/early 00s NBA history.

For example, The Rev states:

In 2001, already one title under his belt playing along Shaq, he found himself matched up against his home team. Kobe grew up in the Philadelphia area. His father played for the Sixers. Now it was time for the city’s favorite son to do his city proud, talk about how honored he was to be back home on the game’s grandest stage, discuss his love for Philadelphia while doing all in his power to be gracious to his home town while acknowledging that he was out to beat the Sixers anyway. Instead, the first words out of Kobe’s mouth when asked about returning home for the Finals, he very coldly, very flatly said nothing other than he wanted to rip the city’s heart out.

I completely understand the need to focus and go for the win but dismissing the town that helped form if not set the foundation for you as a player (you lived there, your father developed as a player there which I’m sure he took some of that knowledge and placed it in you…) and you can’t even take a moment to say for example: I’m a Laker now and I have to focus on bringing the title home for my team but this [Philly] is where a lot of the seeds of who I am as a player were planted so thank you Philly but Go Lakers! In the words of Ed Lover, “C’mon Son!”

Moving to 2002 and the Western Conference Finals game 6 when Kobe elbowed Michael Bibby in a “drive” to the basket (watch the video of the moment here & here) to try and win the game. It is hard to be rational here because unfortunately the NBA didn’t institute instant replay for playoffs until this season and all we rationally know is that NBA refs did not call this game fairly (go here for review) but I think this is an example of Kobe doing what it takes by any means necessary to be great even if its risking a technical foul or worse the injury of one of your co-workers. Accidents do happen in sports but usually players do what they can to avoid causing serious harm to other players even when the goal is to tackle them.

When I think about Kobe and some of the actions he has taken in his career I just think about how much have you really gained in this process if you have harmed others in the process (thought to be fair Kobe isn’t the first or the last player to do so). Sure Kobe has money, fame, a few sports records and even his wife (thanks to 7 or 8 carats??) but what happens when that all goes away? Endorsements shift, Lebron or some other young buck will break your records and people leave. Was being a cold-blooded killer as the The Rev states Kobe is in the post that inspired this post  the way to go? I would be really interested in getting into Kobe’s head to see if he feels any remorse for the people he has stepped on and over to be so “great.”

Were your efforts really worth it Kobe? So is Kobe an example of when by any means necessary goes wrong…what do you think? Though as I close I think, maybe I should have written the post on how do we get sports back to being about sports and not profit & fame because as I close I see more and more that Kobe could be as much of a victim as victimizer along with most of pro-sports players…but I’ll save that for another day.


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What I Learned Playing Fantasy Football

This past August a good friend of mine sent me a text message asking me to join his Fantasy Football team. At first thought I exclaimed, “Are you crazy? I don’t have time for that. Besides I know teams not football players.” Well I guess its kinda obviously looking at the title of this post, I took the plunge and played Fantasy Football.

Below are a few reflections and lessons I learned while playing. Oh and I had a blast playing this year…see you next year!

1. The draft is like the presidency…nothing can prepare you to do the job.

However, just because there is really nothing one can do to prepare for the draft: prepare, prepare, prepare. Have your wish list, have your B list and most important have a “if all else fails” list. Things move fast but having a few names for each position will help especially when someone picks your plan D running back by the 2nd round (I speak from experience). I also had a consultant aka my football loving brother and had him on the line during the draft. This helped when I had panicky moments but at the end of the day just like the president you are the decider.

2. Sports blogs/bloggers are your friend.

Forget ESPN or the NFL, the best source for information concerning football and by extension your fantasy team are the sports blogs or bloggers. Shout out to Ed the Sports Fan who helped me re-vamp my team which ended 6-8, this is not bad considering that at the end I had some RB and TE issues…smh! Black Sports Online also helped a lot.

3. contains a plethora of information that can increase your football knowledge.

So as a graduate student and a fan of teams not in my NYC media market (Go Eagles & Seahawks!) I came to depend on as my source of what is going on in the game. At the beginning of this post I mentioned that I am a football team fan not a football player fan, this has changed due to my fantasy experience but I digress…, well on allows you to watch the games live. No I’m not talking about real live but they have a page where you can see the drives of the game, the stats of the game and even see the line ups for offense and defense. The latter was one of my greatest discoveries this season beyond the talent of DeSean Jackson. I finally was able to visualize where the RB, FB, TE actually were on the field…next step learning how to play Madden (In my defense I could tell you where the linebackers were on defense and I knew where the QB was and all but looking at the line of scrimmage was more a blur).

4. Never tell a man who is into football and also trying to pick you up that you have a fantasy team.

Sometimes I get so excited about football now that I will talk to football with anyone who lends an ear. Well I learned the hard way this season that sometimes its just best for me to leave out just how much I follow/understand about football. I had an experience that was worse than the time I was at a guy’s house and I turned to ESPN News. Let’s just say he thought I was joking. I had to tell him that I was not pulling his tail and that I was serious about tuning in (at the time I did not own a TV and I knew that EPPN News is the fastest way to catch up on sports).

So to this fantasy football when not to share story, I was out with some girlfriends after a fundraising event in NYC and we ended up going to this bar near the after party we went to. Well I enter bar, I was wearing my fail safe LBD and 3.5 in heels fyi, and this guy is checking me out. Well we get into a conversation and sports comes up. He ends up being a Giants fan, boo, and so of course I started talking football. I can’t even remember what was going on in football that week but I mentioned one of the players on my fantasy team and, smh it was over. Now the guy that was clearly interested, he already offered to buy me a drink at this point, was foaming at the mouth, smh still thinking about this. I knew at that point that mentioning my fantasy football team under these conditions is a NO NO…do not pass Go, do not collect $200 dollars. I still remember when my line sister said to me when we were leaving the bar…he is still checking you out, smh.

5. Do not trust the proposed fantasy match up points.

I’ve only played using ESPN and at ESPN they have these match up boxes that tell you how many points each player and team will get during that week’s match up. At first, I was so worried because I was slated to loose just about every game in the 1st half of the season because I had a bunch of TEN players, my draft consultant is a TEN fan and they went 0-7 to start, but then I realized that the phrase “Any Give Sunday,” is real. Thanks to a combo of Peyton Manning, DeSean Jackson and a Raven’s defense, the latter failed me a bit in the 2nd half but I digress… I came to realize that those pre-game point estimates were a joke. If anyone of my players, mainly the ones listed above with Rob Bironas joining in during the 2nd half of the season, had a breakout game they would shatter the pre-game estimates and I would add another win to my column.

Well that about covers it…a little about my first Fantasy Football season. I’m already trying to figure out how I can take what I learned this year and make my team better next year…here’s to a good draft position in 2010!


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