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Another Guagua story

I had some other things to say beside the guagua story pero bueno…it will come.

So the other day I was, wait last night, I was coming home from a meeting I had at La Escuela and I ended up taking a little guagua, guagua is a bus for those new to my blog. I hate taking the little guaguas because they cost the same as the big ones and you spend the whole ride crunched up in a strange position but it was late and better a little guagua then end up robbed. Well just like the guagua on Churchill there was a smell of smoke in the guagua. So one girl got off, she was like dejame dejame (let me off let me off). So the rest of us stayed on the bus and had a good time. We were making jokes…one guy had statistics about the passing of a certain bus that goes to Cafe, don’t ask me cause I don’t know where Cafe is I just know that it is after doce (12), kilometer 12 that is. So I was crackin up about that. Either way I guess I write this story because it shows why I love public transportation in this country. There is something about being crammed in a small space with strangers that bring about great interactions and stories. It’s like a special bond is formed…even if it is for only the 20 minutes of my ride home or to the gym. It’s better than the Real World…well ok no its not if your into sex, violence and the exploitation of homosexuality.

Either way…another guagua story.


Female Chofer

Ok so today I was on my way to Mr. Movies to return some movies and so as usual I went to the corner of my street to catch a concho, the taxi bus things that are the norm form of transportation in Santo Domingo (Sto Dom). But inside the concho was a surprise….a female driver. My friends had mentioned the concept and I have seen like 2 in my four months here but I have never had the luxury of actually riding in one, a concho with a female driver that is. I was so happy I was cheesing and I felt like shouting good for you…fue un placer/it was a pleasure. But of course I didn’t, but I wanted to. I was on this I don’t know maybe it was a feminist high or something but I almost forgot about what has been bothering me lately. Either way…here is to female concho drivers and man if I wasn’t a Fulbright scholar or I didn’t have this Spelman degree I would be a concho driver or better yet a cobrador, which are the guys that collect your money when you ride in the private busses or guaguas.