Purpose Driven Life – Last Day!

09 Aug
Purpose Driven Life – Last Day!

40 Days Down and Done!

Today’s chapter focuses on how you can develop a Purpose Statement for your life based on the five purposes shared in this book. The creation of such a statement cannot be done in a day but when done will serve as a reminder of the book and of course your five purposes and how you plan to fulfill them here on earth.

Purpose Statement?

A purpose statement is similar to a mission statement that books like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People encourages you to write except with a kingdom focus. Rev. Warren shares that a purpose statement: summarizes God’s purposes for your life, points towards the direction of your life, defines success for you, clarifies your roles and expresses your shape. An Ojo moment for this chapter adds clarification on this idea:

A life purpose statement not only spells out what you intend to do with your time, life, and money, but also implies what you aren’t going to do. Proverbs says, “An intelligent person aims at wise action, but a fool starts off in many directions [Proverbs 17:24 TEV].”

God at the Center

I admit that since graduating from college six years ago, I have worried more than I ever have. For me, it was achieving the big goal that my parents, and later myself, had for my life — getting my degree — that set me in a state of worry. Basically, it was like well dag I’ve done everything that I was supposed to do as instilled in me by my parents…now what?

Over time, I have been able to get at the heart of this worry and put it aside but every once in awhile worry comes back and I have to work to put it to the side again. Well in this chapter Rev. Warren talks about how keeping God at the center is key to minimizing worry:

When God’s at the center, you worship. When he’s not, you worry. Worry is the warning light that God has been shoved to the sideline. The moment you put him back at the center, you will have peace again. The Bible says, “A sense of God’s wholeness…will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life [Philippians 4:7 MSG].”

From Worry to Purpose

One thing that soothed my soul this morning while reading this chapter, an extension of the above, was the fact that Rev. Warren shared that there are many decisions that we can make about jobs, marriage or even school but that these are secondary issues with multiple possibilities and no matter what we choose they can all be in God’s will for our life. The key is to focus on the five purposes and everything else will fall into place. Its kinda like that Bible verse (Romans 8:28 – I looked it up ;)) that shares that it will all work together for our good so…don’t sweat the small stuff as they say. Focus on God’s purposes and God will make the rest happen!

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the LORDs purpose that prevails [Proverbs 19:21 NIV].”

Today’s Question to Consider is, “When will I take the time to write down my answers to life’s great questions? When will I put my purpose on paper?”

Well, I have decided to take 30 mins on Sundays to work on this statement. I recently added 30 mins to my schedule each week to work on my 5 Year Plan. Granted, I’m only on week two, today will be the second time on this new schedule, but I will say last week was nice as I took some time to look up programs or books that I needed to read. I also, in focusing in this area, was able to write down some things for my to-do list that connect with my five year plan. So I hope this will also occur with creating my purpose statement.

Finally, I just want to say thank you to anyone who has taken time out of their busy schedules to read these posts. I pray that you received information, encouragement, clarification or whatever else you were seeking while reading!

God Bless and Just Keep Swimming!



2 responses to “Purpose Driven Life – Last Day!

  1. Yodit

    09 August 2011 at 14:13

    Proud of you chica!!! IT’s a great accomplishment to invest your time and your energy on understanding one of life’s greatest questions!!

    • DNMP

      09 August 2011 at 14:41

      Thanks! You are right it is a nice accomplishment and I’m really glad I made time for this 🙂


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