Purpose Driven Life – Day 39

08 Aug
Purpose Driven Life – Day 39

39 Days Down! Tomorrow to go!

Today’s chapter talks about balance and how to maintain your spiritual health. The simple breakdown given in this chapter is that, “A great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will make you a great Christian.” The chapter goes deeper into what this means and how it connects to your spiritual health.

Balance & Check-Ups – The Keys to Maintaining the Two GCs

The main message in this chapter is that to be a great Christian in your new world-class “Christianness” 🙂 is balancing the five purposes we have learned about in this book. How do you stay balanced? Well…:

…you can keep your life balanced and on track by joining a small group for accountability, by regularly evaluating your spiritual health, by recording your progress in a personal journal, and by passing on what you learn to others.

In June, I wrote a blog post “Doing It to Get Him not a him” and this post described one area where I was achieving spiritual growth. Well a friend of mine reached out to me wondering why I was questioning my faith and basically said I should be confident in my relationship with God. I was shocked by his comments, we had recently had some mildly heated religion/spirituality discussions, but I disagreed with him as I felt that he wasn’t understanding what I was trying to get out in my post.

After reading this chapter, I can see that what I was doing in my post was like a public journaling of my spiritual progress as well as a way to check my spiritual health and share with others how they can be encouraged in their situation(s). In reviewing how I was in my faith as well as how I am in my faith as well as where I want to be in my faith, I was assuring that I was balancing the five purposes of my life and avoiding spiritual stagnation. I will say that my friend did have a point about not questioning my faith, I don’t need to question it, but I felt like he was mistaking my reflections as questioning.

The best way to balance the five purposes in your life is to evaluate yourself periodically. God places a high value on the habit of self-evalutation. At least five times in Scripture we are told to test and examine our own spiritual health. The Bible says, “Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourselves regular checkups….Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it [2 Corinthians 13:5 MSG].”

The above passage from the book shares that the Bible calls us to evaluate our spiritual health and our relationship with God. Just like you get your physical, your eyes and teeth checked we are to check our spiritual vital signs 🙂

I should note that when you do your spiritual check ups do not focus on just the good things:

Don’t just write down the pleasant things. As David did, record your doubts, fears, and struggles with God. Our greatest lessons come out of pain, and the Bible says God keeps a record of our tears. Whenever problems occur, remember that God uses them to fulfill all five purposes in your life: Problems forces you to focus on God, draw you closer to others in fellowship, build Christlike character, provide you with a ministry, and give you a testimony. Every problem is purpose-driven.

Looking at the bad and questionable is important too, as this prevents small problems and warnings from becoming large problems and also allows you to figure out a treatment for problems or illness that is present, whether spiritual or natural in nature. Looking at these things also prevents the reoccurrence of problems as you can track symptoms and manage them. That way, when you see the warning signs you know them and can start treatment early, because you previously tracked the good and the bad.

Finally, today’s Question to Consider is, “Which of the four activities will I begin in order to stay on track and balance God’s five purposes for my life.”

For me its easy, I need to work on my personal Bible Study. I go to the mid-week service at my church and I also participate in Sunday School but I don’t take enough personal time at home and I need to do this. I may have to start really slow picking one weekend in the month and increasing from there. I have found that when I try to start doing personal Bible Study, I start too quickly and with too much of an expectation for myself and this discourages me from continuing.

Enjoy your day! Tomorrow is the last day 😦



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