Purpose Driven Life – Day 37

06 Aug
Purpose Driven Life – Day 37

37 Days Down! 3 To Go!

Today’s chapter continues the discussion on sharing Christ with others with a focus on your life message and how to use that to share Christ.

What I liked about today’s chapter is that they actually giving you prompts that you can use to develop a personal testimony/develop a method for how you can share Jesus based on your personality and experiences. Rev. Warren shares that this is a chapter that we will need to take additional time to fully develop and though I won’t have that time now. I do plan on working (read scheduling) this into my schedule.

Additionally, this chapter talks about how we all have different passions but that all of our passions work for the betterment of this planet and for God’s plan. I think the reminder that we all have different passions and should therefore respect the various passions that those around us have is a nice reminder. I don’t know when but I remember sharing that I had a moment where I got a bit “stuck up” about how different churches do their services and praise and worship. Reading things that share our uniqueness and that our authenticity will look different from person to person helps me to get over myself when I have those “stuck up” moments.

What’s So Important About a Testimony?

You know in ole school traditional churches they would start a service or even have an entire service focused around a testimony. People would share their personal trials and tribulations, how they came to know Jesus, and how they were able to basically…”make a way out of no way.”

And, when I was in China in May/June, I visited a church for foreigners, yes only foreigners could go to the service I went to/they did have a service for Chinese citizens and yes its government rules, and they had a testimony included in the service.

Now I’ve been saved for over ten years almost fifteen but listening to the story of this young man who battled with drugs and alcohol, no it wasn’t weed and beer, inspired me. Not the down side of his story, though I’m sure that story was for someone in the room that day. The part that inspired me was the part where he shared how he ended up starting to come to church which led to him getting saved which led to him being active in the church and actively working on his relationship with God. Basically, he said that someone invited him to come to a young adult get together the church had and at first he didn’t want to come but the person would ask periodically and eventually he started to come. Then he shares how the people welcomed him and accepted him and started to include him in the activities of the group; very loving. Later in the story, he is sharing how he is getting help with his drug and alcohol problem and he realizes just how loving the group was because he began to see how others probably saw him — dirty and smelly from all of the drugs and alcohol — but you know what he said? He said that not once did anyone look down on him or make him feel bad no matter how bad things were going for him — that is what spoke to me! They invited him and that they accepted him just as he was and let time and relationship/friendship guide him to see his need for Jesus and his need to be active in a local church.

That my friends! Is the power of a testimony! The book shares on this power as well declaring that:

Actually, your personal testimony is more effective than a sermon, because unbelievers see pastors as professional salesmen, but see you as a “satisfied customer,” so they give you more credibility…Shared stories build a relational bridge that Jesus can walk across from your heart to theirs. [Emphasis mine]

Well today’s Q2C is, “As I reflect on my personal story, who does God want me to share it with?”

I think God wants me to use social media and my corner of the internet to share Him. I’ve used my lack of having in person contact with people as an excuse before “well I can’t do this because well I don’t see people because of my work” Well I tweet and G+ and get LinkedIn with all kinds of people all the time all day…Why not use my blog or social media to share Him? Also, I used to place a lot of Bible verses on my gchat status as a way of motivation and sharing so I can move towards that again as well.

Since I talked about ole school church I leave you with “I’ve Got a Testimony”

Until next time,



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