Purpose Driven Life – Day 34

03 Aug
Purpose Driven Life – Day 34

34 Days Down! 6 Days to Go!

Today’s chapter talks about how to think like a servant. One message that Rev. Warren shares in the video, the newest edition has QR codes that link to videos by Warren, is that we are not to base our identity on what we do, what we have or how we look as these things can be taken from us or fade over time. What we should base our identity on is who we serve as that can never be taken away from you. I think its similar to thoughts on knowledge, though unfortunately with dementia even that can be taken, where people share that knowledge is power because no one can take that from you.

Adios to the Pity Party

The above line speaks to me today because I had a pity party just yesterday 😦 however reading today’s post put me in my place. Especially when the following was read:

Real servants don’t complain of unfairness, don’t have pity-parties, and don’t resent those not serving. They just trust God and keep serving.

Though my pity party was not based on anything going on in the kingdom, the final sentence above about trusting God and stay serving can apply to lots of things including a job or schoolwork. I was doing so well this summer focusing on me and my goals and what I can do but with summer fading away and the realities of a new school year closer than I desire, I shifted back. Connecting back more directly with the book, I encourage you to get this book and get to this chapter as Rev. Warren does a great job of shaping the greater context of the words above. He shares what being a servant is, how Jesus was a servant and used servant cultural norms to teach His disciples and us about how to live and how to shift our selfish human nature to a servanthood posture.

Servanthood as an Opportunity

One step in moving towards servanthood is shifting your perspective on serving. When describing servants from the Christian perspective, Rev. Warren gives this clarification:

They [servants] enjoy helping people, meeting needs, and doing ministry. They “serve the Lord with gladness [Psalm 100:2 KJV].” Why do they serve with gladness? Because they love the Lord, they’re grateful for his grace, they know serving is the highest use of life, and they know God has promised a reward.

Looking at life this way does not happen overnight, for me I was raised with this perspective and I still struggle at times, but I will say it is worth the investments of shifting your perspective to servanthood. One step that can be taken is finding the service side of your passion. Do you love to read? Read to some children or teach an adult to read? Do you love sports? Volunteer or even apply for work to coach kids in a sport at a local community center or league. Whether your service is paid or unpaid the true service/servanthood comes from your time given and the lessons you can share with others around you 🙂

Today’s Q2C is, “Am I usually more concerned about being served or finding ways to serve others?”

I have to say for me its the latter. Sure being served is great and I thank those who have served me and poured into me but I do find more pleasure and satisfaction in serving others. Also, I like how serving gets me out of my circumstances and/or funk. Especially, being in graduate school and under a lot of frustration and stress serving reminds me just how privileged I am and just how small my academic woes are from a bigger picture perspective.

Have a Marvelous Day!



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