Purpose Driven Life – Day 23

23 Jul
Purpose Driven Life – Day 23

The two quick things I got from this chapter were: 1) Growth is not automatic and 2) Thoughts Control Emotions.

Rev. Warren does a nice job doing an overview of spiritial maturity, what it is, what steps you can take and what steps God takes.

I Gotta Want It

So the first OjO quote of this chapter came early…:

Spiritual growth is not automatic. It takes an intentional commitment. You must want to grown, make an effort to gorw, and persist in growning.

Furthermore also in this section is my favorite OjO quote of the day:

Nothing shapes your life more than the commitments you choose to make. Your commitments can develop you or they can destroy you, but either way, they will define you. Tell me what you are committed to, and I’ll tell you what you will be in twenty years. We become whatever we are committed to.

Gosh I love that quote above…there is so much there that can be unpacked and understood. Frankly, I could do a whole blog post on that and I could definitely share a testimony 🙂 Overall, your commitments reflect choices and I love that God gives us choice, see my thoughts on this in my discussion of Day 10, but there are consequences for every choice we make.

Spiritual Maturity is Not JUST About Bible Knowledge

If I could go around the world sharing anything about being a Christian, beyond how good God has been to me, I would share this idea. Probably, because it wasn’t until I was a Christian for over 12 years that I started to actively increase my Bible knowledge so I connect with this idea on a personal level. None the less, its so true and this idea needs to be shared more. Besides, there are a lot of Christians with Bible knowledge with an attitude and a chip on their shoulder. And frankly, what’s the point of having all this knowledge if you can’t, won’t or arn’t willing to not just share it with others but share it in a way that people will understand?

Jesus spoke the people’s language!

From the book the following insight is given:

Today many assume that spiritual maturity is measured by the amount of biblical information and doctrine you know. While knowledge is one measurement of maturity, it isn’t the whole story. The Christian life is far more than creeds and convictions; it includes conduct and character. Our deeds must be consistent with our creeds, and our beliefs must be backed up with Christlike behavior. Christianity is not a religion or a philosophy, but a relationship and a lifestyle. The core of that lifestyle is thinking of others, as Jesus did, instead of ourselves. The Bible says, “We should think of their good and try to help them by doing what pleases them. Even Christ did not try to please himself [Romans 15:2-3a CEV] [Emphasis mine].

Finally, today’s Question to Consider is, “What is one area where I need to stop thinking my way and start thinking God’s way?”

I wish I had a different answer but I have to say my view of romantic relationships/my thinking on getting married some day. My thoughts around this area are very negative. Recently, I have begun to correct myself when I say, “I don’t know anything about dating,” or other negative comments in this area so its a start; but its hard to keep pushing forward because the negativity towards this area is super deep 😦 But as the book discusses, I have to decide and let God do the rest. And as Dorie from Finding Nemo Says, “Just Keep Swimming.” 🙂

Have a blessed day!



3 responses to “Purpose Driven Life – Day 23

  1. Nancy MacMillan

    23 July 2011 at 15:20

    Dear DNMP – I’ve been randomly looking into your blog and greatly admire the work you’re putting forth for the Lord. I came to truly know Him in 2007, and I only wish I had more hours in a day to read His Word.

    My blog is “My Uncharted Journey into Publishing My First Book,” my memoir, which shows my life, living with my husbands PTSD from the war, until it finally drove him to suicide 18 years later. He was the love of my life and there was nothing I could do to help him, or anywhere to go for help. It wasn’t until his death that I began to question why? This lead me directly into Gods arms and the knowledge that He was with me all the while. No one ever told me! This is the ending of my story. How I tragically lost the love of my life, and found the Lover of my soul.

    This is why you need to keep sharing what you know. It’s so important. And I pray daily that once I’m published, by God’s grace, readers of my story will be touched enough to open their hearts, and let them find the Peace and Love waiting for them.

    I haven’t found other Christian writers, guess that’s why I dropped it all on you. Sorry, but I knew you’d understand. If you’re ever curious, please stop by and say Hello.

    Nancy @

    • DNMP

      24 July 2011 at 15:33


      Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for your words of encouragement. Blogging my way through this book was a step I wanted to take in sharing my faith like I share other great things that have happened to me. It warms my heart that people are getting something from this project.

      Also, thank you for sharing your blog and your upcoming book. I will take some time to check it out and please share when the book is published!

      God bless and Stay Encouraged!


  2. Nancy MacMillan

    24 July 2011 at 20:41

    Forgot to mention I loved your Nemo clip!!! “Keep on swimming . . . ”

    Many blessings,


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