Purpose Driven Life – Day Lucky Thirteen

13 Jul
Purpose Driven Life – Day Lucky Thirteen

Lucky number 13 🙂 Thirteen days down and twenty-seven days to go!

I actually got a sneak peak last night of today’s chapter when I didn’t read a twitter post I saw too well. Basically, a former classmate wrote a reflection of the chapter which I enjoyed from what I read (I plan to go back and read the full post after I post this).

Be that as it may, today’s post is about worship, authentic worship. I like this chapter mainly because it is moving away from saying that a particular type of worship is better than another because its not. This chapter was also a good check for myself as I have found myself getting on a “high horse” about how other people or churches worship or not worship.

I love the part of the chapter when it exclaims:
The best style of worship is the one that most authentically represents your love for God, based on the background and personality God gave you.

The chapter also gives an exercise that I want to try at some point, when I’m not studying for PhD qualifying exams. The task is to try praising God without using popular words like praise, hallelujah, thanks or amen by looking up synonyms for these words or other words not commonly used.

However, one of the best lines in the whole chapter is and today’s OjO is, “Real Worship Costs.” As is shared in the chapter, people can worship in many ways. You can be quiet, loud or even run (I go to a running church and I ran in the church I attended in Seattle…its quite refreshing try it sometime :)). However, if what you do isn’t authentic or in spirit and truth as the Bible instructs, its useless (Though I do feel that sometimes you have to “fake it, till you make it” and have your hallelujah anyhow moment but this should not be a 100% of the time thing). For me, the idea of “real worship costs” gets to that spirit and truth idea. If you are not giving of yourself, which is a cost (to me at least), than its not real worship. Real worship is an acknowledgement that it is not all about you and is the ultimate answer to that famous phrase by Real “Housewife” of Atlanta Sheree. “Who’s gonna check me boo?” well God, that’s who! So letting God check you through worship and other things is a cost paid via authentic worship.

To close today’s Q2C is, “Which is more pleasing to God right now–my public worship or my private worship? What will I do about this?
For me, I would say my public worship is more pleasing to God because its probably more consistent and authentic however at the same time I could also argue that my private worship could be more pleasing because God knows that this is an area that I am working to get better at so for me to come out of my comfort zone to give Him authentic worship at home/in private; He knows that it took some work on my part. As far as plans go…just to keep pushing myself in worship and finding new places and ways to give Him authentic worship.

Have a great day!

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