Purpose Drive Life Day 11

12 Jul
Purpose Drive Life Day 11

So today is technically Day 12 but I wanted to post something quick from yesterday. I did read but I was traveling and was not able to sit and really get my thoughts into blog form.

So chapter eleven talks about forming a friendship with God.

I admit that I grew up with a view of God as this almighty being high in the clouds placing His wrath if you did too much wrong (very Old Testament). When I was a little girl I would even have these moments when I thought the devil would come and attach me through the floor :{ I don’t have that view anymore but I do have moments where it’s hard for me to think about God as wanting to be my friend.

One thing that I like about this chapter is that it stresses the idea of keeping it simple. You don’t have to have a fancy 30 min prayer in tongues every day. You can have a moment with God by saying a quick prayer or reciting a scripture continuously during the day. In this section Rev. Warren actually shares and quotes from a book called Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence shares several ideas to constantly stay in God’s presence:

Another of Brother Lawrence’s helpful ideas was to pray shorter conversational prayers continually through the day rather than trying to pray long sessions of complex prayers. To maintain focus and counteract wandering thoughts, he said, “I do not advise you to use a great multiplicity of words in prayer, since long discourses are often the occasions for wandering.” In an age of attention deficit, this 350-year-old suggestion to keep it simple seems to be particularly relevant.

I love this and the other tips that are shared in this chapter. I know that being in God’s constant presence is where I’m trying to move in my walk. I know that doing small things continuously and expanding from there will better increase my ability to do this over the long term.

Today’s Q2C is, “What can I do to remind myself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day?” My answer is:

I can journal more, say scriptures or scripture phrases more during the day (one of my favs is the start of Psalm 27 which starts, “The Lord is my strength…” One other thing I can do which is suggested in the book is to set an alarm to say a quick prayer throughout the day.

What I want to close this post on is one of the coolest things that I learned in this chapter and that is, there is a thin line between worry and meditation 🙂 Rev. Warren shares that when I think about a problem over and over that is worry and that when I think about God’s Word over and over that is meditation. He also shares that, “Prayer lets you speak to God; meditation lets God speak to you. Both are essential to becoming a friend of God.” I pray that the process of reading this book and taking this time will assist me in making meditation and prayer a part of my daily life.



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