Purpose Drive Life – Day Eight

08 Jul
Purpose Drive Life – Day Eight

Worship is a Lifestyle

The words above were part one of my favorite sentences of today’s chapter which served as the introduction to part two of this book which is on Purpose One – You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure. This chapter served as a confirmation/comfort more than new information as I have heard sermons recently, last year or so, as well as participated in a book group that touched on this.

I mentioned to the group I’m reading this book with that, “I feel that the idea of our purpose is hard for many US citizens as a core aspect of US Culture is the idea of individualism.” And I still think this is true. Our founding fathers came to the United States so that they could practice religious freedom and an extension of this was their stressing of individual rights and choice but God doesn’t work like this. Choice is a factor as individually you do make a choice to follow Christ but the “rules of the game” of Christianity are very collectivist and God centered not individual centered.

Coming back to this idea of worship as a lifestyle, the chapter shares that everything that we do is worship to God especially when we do it with Him in mind.

Anything that you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship. Like a diamond, worship is multifaceted. It would take volumes to cover all there is to understand about worship, but we will look at the primary aspects of worship in this section. Anthropologists have noted that worship is a universal urge, hard-wired by God into the very fiber of our being–an inbuilt need to connect with God. Worship is as natural as eating or breathing. If we fail to worship God, we always find a substitute, even if it ends up being ourselves.

I admit that sometimes I feel guilty that the things that I am passionate about and want to do to make this world better than it was when I got here are not directly connected with God, but this chapter and the video that serves as the chapter introduction really comforted me. Rev. Warren shares that you do not have to serve in ministry as a pastor or elder or deacon [my paraphrase of his comments] to please God. The best example he used in the video was how he used to watch his daughters breathe as they slept at night. Just him watching them do a basic function was pleasing to him as their earthly father…they didn’t have to do anything and God is the same way with us. (Whew what a relief). Serving in ministry is important to me as I feel that I should bring my gifts and use them in the church but I know that my main earthly purpose will have a more indirect effect on “the church” than other people’s calls or purposes.

Well that is today’s reflection. Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed reading! To officially close I leave you with this quote from the book on worship and traditions like music genre:

God’s heart is not touched by tradition in worship, but by passion and commitment. The Bible says, “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men.




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