Purpose Driven Life – Day Three

03 Jul
Purpose Driven Life – Day Three

Today was a travel day for me, I am currently on vacation with my family, so getting to blog this was difficult and it’s technically day four where I am but I am trying to be dedicated to blogging each day of this book reading journey.

Day three for me is where it starts to get real. Days one and two were like background information/double-check in case you did not know ideas/perspectives. Day Three on What Drives Your Life” is like pealing an onion where you get past the dry outer layers and hit that first layer that can water your eyes if you do not know how to cut onions with out causing your eyes to water.

Reverend Warren in this chapter shares “Five Common Things [He says circumstances, values, and emotions[ that Drive Your Life.” The common things that hits home for me is the idea that people are driven by fear. I have definitely been there and I definitely have to constantly keep myself from falling back into the trap of being driven by fear. Reverend Warren also shares the “flip-side” of these things by sharing “The Benefits of Purpose Driven Living.”

One quote from this section stood out to me especially as a former athlete and the end of Friday Night Lights coming too soon:

Yet, what ultimately matters most will not be what others say about your life but what God says. What people fail to realize is that all achievements are eventually surpassed, records are broken, reputations fade, and tributes are forgotten.

To close Day Three’s post I share the question to consider and my response to my book group. The question is What would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be?:

The things that my friends and family would say is the driving force of my life is love and loyalty and I hope that is what they see from me. I hope and pray that they see the God in me and see that I am the way that I am because it is very important to me that I reflect Christ. Now to be honest they may not see it like that because I have not been saying it like that for long but sub reflect Christ for various characteristics of Christ and that is what I think they would say. My friends may add that I desire for people to get along and understand the perspectives of others even if they disagree or would not choose that perspective.



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