Boot Camp Day 5 – “You Won’t Feel Your Arms Tomorrow” & Bread Squats

25 Apr
Boot Camp Day 5 – “You Won’t Feel Your Arms Tomorrow” & Bread Squats

So today was day 5 and the start of week 2 and boy did the trainer go in on us. At one point, I was doing an exercise and he says, “you won’t feel your arms tomorrow.” I quickly, bittersweetly and definitively said, “I know :(”

Ironically, I said to myself yesterday, “I ate waaaayyy too much bread this weekend. This will definitely be worked off this week in boot camp.” However, I didn’t know that I would squat it all out today!?!?!? Ughhh….Not only did we do short squats as a warm up but we did this other nightmare squat exercise as our cool down, thank the Lord my volleyball coaches did not know this latter exercise existed. Basically, we would do squats for a bit and hold and then go back to more squats!!!! It hurt, a lot, but come the end of the year…I will be singing my trainer’s praises 🙂 This boot camp is really good! I am definitely going to play with my budget to see if I can do this at least 2-3 times a year. Right now I’m envisioning this as a shake up to my normal workout routine and a way to get myself out of workout plateaus.

The surprise moment of today’s workout also happened during the ending squats when I started saying the Hail Mary in Portuguese to get through a set. I’m not even a Catholic Christian nor have I ever been. I only know the words because I did a play this past summer at the Portuguese Language School at Middlebury College where we had to say it. I even remember one of my classmates messing up the lines all the time because she only knew the Hail Mary in Spanish. If you think I’m kidding here it goes….”Santa Maria Mãe de Deus rosai por nos os pecadores…” I’m not into the whole “oh the Holy Mother” thing, I’m more of a straight trinity Christian, but I think this came up based on a mix of calling on God to get through this workout and calling on my route memory to keep me distracted so I could get through this workout 🙂

Well as a reminder I’m boot camping at Total Core Fitness Boot Camp. If you are in the area check them out and no they are not paying me to say this. If you want more one on one training I have personal training contacts in NYC and in Central Jersey; click a link or leave a comment so I can send you their info.

Happy Monday,


P.S. – Hope I can feel my arms a bit tomorrow :{


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