Boot Camp: Day 2 – My Arms Are Weaker Than I Thought & Praise and Worship

19 Apr
Boot Camp: Day 2 – My Arms Are Weaker Than I Thought & Praise and Worship

So what did you accomplish by 7:30am today? Me? I had 5:30am prayer, 6:00am boot camp and 7:00am praise and worship (okay so the latter was unexpected but good :)).

So today’s boot camp workout was focused on cardio but boy did he work our muscles in the process. The crazy thing is that my arms are weaker than I thought. I knew doing boot camp that they would suffer the most in this “kick starting my body again” exercise but wow oh wow its bad. My arms are hurting as I type and my triceps…olvidatelo 😦 I mean I called out Jesus more times in that workout than I think I have in prayer 😦 …I was doing Catholic crosses between exercises, saying “My Lord,” and I even did a rendition of my running powersong “Jesus is My Help.” Beyond that there was one exercise that almost had a merengue type rhythm so I even kept myself going during one set of this exercise by saying “mambo, mambo,” keeping my legs moving in a slow, very slow, merengue rhythm.

So boot camp ends and I get into the car and I have been playing the Israel and New Breed Alive in South Africa CD, great CD by the way, and next thing you know I get in a nice praise and worship in the car. I was boppin and even raised my hands. Have you heard the song “To Worship You I Live”? well the version they do…”yes Lord!”

The part where he goes, “And when you have no words left just go ‘ohh ohh ohh ohhhhh’.” That just hit my spirit in such a way…I could hardly speak…right in my car (Thank the Lord for those unspeakable moments in praise & worship and that it was a red light when it happened today). Probably between the remnants of the 5:30am prayer (Pastor Mary always goes in in an unique and special way) and all that Jesus calling I did in my workout added by the fact that this week is Holy Week (I kept thinking during boot camp that, “this workout is nada compared to the beating and abuse that Jesus got this week and that if He can go through that for me…I can get through this workout for my goals”). [whew…sorry spirit writing pause…its soooo amazing the sacrifices He made for a maybe…but I digress]

Well I will end here…tomorrow is a weight train day at boot camp but I’m worried because my arms are like jello (J-E-L-L-O) now…and will be worse tomorrow (the second day is always worse in soreness land).

Have a great and blessed day!


P.S. – Let’s go Celtics!

P.P.S. – I love how the little smiley man, isn’t he so cute?, fits both parts of my blog’s subtitle i.e. my weak arms & those weak arms in praise and worship 🙂 yay!


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