Boot Camp: Day 1

18 Apr
Boot Camp: Day 1

So today was day 1 of the bootcamp I signed up for (Thanks Groupon!). Let’s just say I had flashbacks (read nightmares) of volleyball pre-season and I don’t know if I will be able to move my arms tomorrow :{ However, it was a good workout and I know the trainer will have me working muscles I don’t really ever work, like my now suffering arms. I mean let’s just say that when I choose to run over an exercise…it’s hard!

If you are in Central Jersey check um out! Total Core Fitness Boot Camp. The head trainer says he has not repeated a workout in four years.

My favorite funny moment so far was actually from orientation yesterday. We had to do a plank for 30 seconds and I started singing the Spelman Hymn. Why? Because when I was in high school, when we [the volleyball team] would do wall sits we would have to sing our alma mater and do a cheer and basically we were done when our class was called during the cheer (let’s just say senior year was hard, lol). Well since I don’t remember the words as well to my high school alma mater I started singing the Spelman hymn. Crazy or not, singing a song with these types of things is actually quite helpful as it allows your mind to focus on something else besides the pain 🙂

Anyway, I can’t wait to see my results in four weeks 🙂 as this is the shake up to my workout that I was looking for (My 10 year high school reunion is in November & Homecoming is a month before that).

Tomorrow is a cardio day…yay :{ …please pray for me.


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