While I Was Running…What Was Up with the Knicks’ Shot Choice Yesterday?

13 Apr
While I Was Running…What Was Up with the Knicks’ Shot Choice Yesterday?

So last night I went to the gym later than normal but got excited when I realized that I could actually catch a good NBA game while I ran. So I turned to the Bulls v. Knicks game and Derrick Rose showed why he should be MVP for the league but I digress…but not before a Rose/Bulls are so NOT the 2010 Cavs break, lol:

Anyway during the portion of the third quarter I watched I noticed that the Knicks kept shooting these longer shots that they were missing. The odd part was that after missing two longer range two point shots someone (may have been the same person, mind you I was running during this) put up a three pointer also missing. I’m no expert on the game of basketball but something just seems wrong about this strategy. I mean unless you are a Jesus Shuttlesworth that your niche on a team is to shoot 3s maybe getting some layups as regular points or on a fast-break may be, just may be, the better way to re-build momentum and increase your shot success percentage when you are down in a game.

So what is up with the Knicks’ shot choice last night? Was this just a third quarter thing? Or is this a general Knicks problem? Also, is this a pre or post ‘Melo problem? It may be just me but I feel that the Knicks were on a better trajectory towards getting back to their Ewing & John what’s his name (you know who I’m talking about, right? lol) like success days/years prior to the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony than now that he is in the fold. But that’s a topic for another day…

My original plan was to tweet the above question to Mr. Trilliam Shakespeare who is the resident Knicks fan on my Twitter TL but I couldn’t get my question ok my intro to the question with the question down to 140 characters or even in two tweets. So here I am writing this post. So Till, if you are reading this I would be interested in your thoughts and frankly anyone feel free to chime in because in my 3/4 focus on running and 1/4 focus on watching the Bulls/Knicks play I was just baffled by the Knicks’ shot choices I mean you just hit a brick in the last possession and now you are shooting from further away?!?! #OneOfTheseThingsIsNotLikeTheOthersOneOfThingsJustDoesntBelong


P.S. – I would have loved to show you what I am talking about via video but the NBA doesn’t do highlight video of poor play decisions :{ #JustSaying #KanyeShrug


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