And Let There Be Light…if The Bible was a Soap Opera

29 Mar
And Let There Be Light…if The Bible was a Soap Opera

So when I was a tween and a teen I really got into Soap Operas…watched General Hospital faithfully for ten years. I also watched Days of Our Lives and Passions for a minute. Anyway, I don’t really watch soaps anymore, unless you count Grey’s as a nighttime soap not a drama, but I check in on GH every once in awhile for a trip down memory lane.

Anyway, in my Sunday School class we have been reading the Bible from the beginning and really getting deep into the meaning of God’s Word instead of just doing a sprint read through and it has been great. One day in Sunday School we were reading about the story of Joseph and how there is nothing new under the sun i.e. the same scandalous stuff people are capable of now happened in Biblical times and I got the thinking, “what if The Bible was a Soap Opera?” We can even say drama if you will. I was thinking it could be a great show that not only teaches The Word but also shows the timelessness of the things people have been dealing with since the beginning of time and a way to reach out to new audiences and get them The Word from where they are at.

One scene that comes to mind that would be perfect for this is when Potiphar’s Wife tries to get with Joseph. I could definitely see her incial come on at Joseph as a Friday afternoon cliffhanger that would leave people wondering “ooohhhh look at that scandalous Potiphar’s wife” or “what is Joseph going to do? She’s hot. Is he gonna sleep with her or not?” Of course I think it would be important to interject the bigger picture and the lesson to be learned in this process so maybe this Soap would have an afterschool special feel to it where at moments you share where to find this part of the story in the actual Bible; other stories that have similar lessons to learn and then maybe even a podcast or video where a preacher gives a short message (they do know how to do that right? ;D lol) about what God is teaching us through this story.

I don’t think having The Bible as a Soap Opera is the perfect solution, the only perfect solution is Jesus really, however I do believe that this could be a fun and effective way to reach out and get souls for Christ. A similar concept, dealing with ending ethinc/racial conflict, has had some success in Africa and elsewhere (the show has productions in Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal and Palestine). This Soap Opera places young people of these different nations together showing these young people getting along as a lesson for them and their elders. Check out The Team:

In a increasingly globalized and interdependent world, it is time for the Church to find new ways to reach people that are lost and to get our message out. As much as we need to lead people forward towards a stronger relationship with Christ, we can’t move them forward unless we get them into the door; we have to find new diverse ways to get them engaged. More importantly, we have to seek them out not sit at the pulpit or in the pews and wait on them to show up (credit for this idea/statement goes to Bishop Eric Clark). Doing things like creating a Biblical Soap Opera could work; if nothing else it would give people a different view of those from Biblical Times and may allow them to see the lessons that God wants us to learn that they may have not otherwise seen.

What do you think? Would you watch a Biblical based Soap Opera? Take the poll!


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