Cavs Beat Lakers: “Down Goes Frazier?” Only in my Dreams…

17 Feb

So last night basically EVERYONE on my Twitter feed was either appalled and/or making cracks about the Cleveland Cavelers beating the Los Angeles Fakers Lakers 104-99. Lots of people on my Sports List were saying oh does this mean that the Fakers Lakers are done now that they’ve lost 3 in a row?, how could LA loose to the Cavs? and more. Well as much as this would bring a big cheese smile on my face to see the Lakers down, I had thoughts of “Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier” in my head, I knew and know that its too early to call 😦

In my humble fan opinion sadly, really sadly, I wouldn’t call the Lakers down and out yet. I think it was @BlkSportsOnline who made a Rocky reference with the Lakers and I think its fitting. Ugh this hurts to say…but don’t consider the Lakers out until playoff time. At least in the last few seasons, the Lakers have done good enough (I say this because I think the Lakers are lazy – not necessarily a rational statement but I’m not a Lakers fan so this reflects my rose colored glasses towards them) to get into the playoffs and then magically like Rocky has done 6-7 times they pull it all together (sometimes with the help of a 7th man or men aka the officiating team of any given series…don’t believe me read this) in the playoffs and find their way AGAIN to the NBA Finals where thanks to the wishes and push of Stern and his marketing team oh and those paid off officials (Did I mention I’m not a Lakers fan?) they survive.

So as great as last night was for Cavs fans and Beat LA! fans everywhere…its not over till “The Fat Lady Sings” (excuse my non-PC coloquialism). But in the meantime enjoy the moment:

See 1:08-1:30 for even more highlights see Lakers vs. Cavs 😀

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