DNMP on Kolb v. Vick

13 Sep

So pretty much for any half way serious football fan yesterday was bien loco! If it wasn’t what was going on on the field (two games decided by penalties in the final seconds) it was what was going on off the field (cue Moss’ post game press conference).

Ever since Michael Vick showed a glimpse of his old self after an uneventful Kolb season opener appearance “everyone” has been talking about who will be the Eagle’s starting quarterback. Though in certain aspects I am no authority on the matter, I’m just a graduate student who watches football as a release from graduate school and a few other reasons beyond I like the game, here are my two cents on Kolb v. Vick: NEITHER has proved that they deserve the QB 1 spot!

For Kolb he is a Robin without his Batman (McNabb). Sure he’s been practicing with the team as QB 1 for a few weeks and all and though the exact stat eludes me in this moment (just my luck right…) he has started in less than a handful of NFL games. Additionally, less than one half of one game (the first one at that) of a regular season is not enough to accept or reject him. That last statement is not a pass for Kolb because he was not looking so good out there but I mean Matty Saracen in Friday Night Lights didn’t look so good his first full game as QB 1 (I know not exactly the same as the NFL but I like Friday Night Lights and its a similar comparison besides I’m writing this post as a conversation if you hadn’t noticed by now). Kolb, before his concussion (I hope you recover healthy Kolb), was in the process of showing people that he is more than a Robin, more than a second without his leader; shifts like these take time and Kolb just has not been given enough of it.

For Vick, he’s like (was like) Austin Powers when he lost his mojo – just out of sorts. Now, the second half yesterday has many thinking that he [Vick] has gotten his mojo back but I am not so sure. Last night was not a normal game situation as Vick had to step up and his playing was not the plan for Philly and not for Green Bay either (Unfortunately I cannot find the blog post that talked about this point :{ If I find it I’ll add  it). Now that we (the fans & the NFL sports world) have seen a flicker of the old Vick that made him so famous, in a good way, Vick needs to show that the flicker we saw is actually a new strong flame that could indeed lead the Eagles in the post-McNabb era (though my raw reaction during the game was, “Did Vick have this planned the whole time because last night was light years away from his prior awful performances post-Dog gate? If so what a ‘gansta’ way to show the team and the world who should be leading the Eagles!”).

To close, I do not know what Andy Reid is going to do nor do I have sufficient data to state one way or the other that Andy Reid should pick one QB over the other but I will say it did seem like the Eagles players did something different (okay I’m being nice…something better) with Vick that they did not do with Kolb. I feel that its more important for Reid to figure out what that thing was and then see if this can be done with either man as QB or not than for Reid to re-choose his QB 1. Finally, it is just one game!…one down and sixteen to go…too early to make major changes…lets revisit this in 2-3 weeks when both (pending Kolb’s recovery) have a chance to play a game against an opponent or two.


P.S. – I agree with everyone who said that Reid’s time management, or lack their of, hindered Philly’s chance to complete the comeback they started. I mean no timeouts in the final 2:00 mins! I may not be an authority on football game strategy but even I know the importance of having a timeout late in a football game…its like the NBA “being able to advance the ball after a timeout” rule i.e. it can help win close games when you use the tool and definitely help you loose close games if you can’t use the tool.


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