The Book of Danielle

09 Jun
The Book of Danielle

So I’m sitting reading, well not right right now but you know what I mean, and I got the most random thought: what would my life look like if it was written as book in the Bible? How would my trials and tribulations be described? Would I have the pleasure of writing the book or would it be some Moses, Abraham or Paul type write it? What lessons would people from years to come learn from the first quarter give or take a year or two of my life?

Three lessons I thought of are:

1. A Bad start does not mean a bad finish-

Since the age of 12 I had wanted to go to Spain. My older brother’s friend in high school was from there and I was fascinated by the “funny” language he spoke and his “funny” accent in English. Well…my junior year of college my dream finally came true…I made it to Spain but I hated it. I felt like an outsider and I knew that no one would mistake a Black girl with braids as being a Spaniard…it was bad all around. However, overtime things got better. I found a great group of friends to hang around…none of us could be mistaken for being Spaniards, lol. Met some nice locals and formed my own routine. By the time December hit I was sad to go home as I knew I would miss my friends from the US, Spain & elsewhere I had met as well as the life I had created in the wonderful college town of Salamanca. This trip that started out on a bad foot became one of the best experiences of my life. To this day, not an entire week goes by where I don’t miss something about living in Spain!

2. Do Your Best Even When You Think No One Is Watching-

As a freshwoman in college (I went to a Women’s college :D), I joined the Model United Nations team. It was one of my favorite activities as I combined my love for world affairs with the ability to draft policy and learn more about the United Nations. Spring of my freshwoman year our team had an opportunity to compete in the WorldMUN conference being held in Brazil. I knew I had no chance of making the team that went as the odds were against me: youth & the limited number of spaces. However, one day during our team meeting I followed the simulation just like I always did and I happened to make a few good points that got the advisor’s attention. At the end of the meeting he pulled me to the side and asked me if I had a passport. I responded, “yes I do.” He then explained to me that the woman they originally selected to go to Brazil did not want to get her passport and that he thought I did well in the meeting that day and therefore wanted to offer her spot to me. I quickly responded yes and a few weeks later enjoyed a great opportunity to not only improve my MUN skills but go overseas to Brazil…and it all started with me doing my best even when I thought no one was watching.

3. God knows how to make a way out of no way (I know this has been covered in the Bible but as they say repetition is key)-

In 2005-2006 I was overseas in the Dominican Republic doing research and somehow I managed to get a tour of the main US AID office there. During the tour my tour guide a.k.a one of the employees of US AID introduced me to one of his co-workers that worked on women’s issues. After describing my project to her, she mentioned that she has a contact with former first female Vice President Milagros Ortíz Bosh and that she could call them to see if Milagros (Dominican politicians are referred to by their first name as they campaign that way) had time for an interview. I held my composure and said sure that would be nice if she would be willing to make the call on my behalf. Within the week, the one interview that I had only declared to myself would be fantastico to get for my project became the first interview I got for my project…proving once again God makes a way out of no way.

Well that’s the preview of my “Book of the Bible.” What about yours? What would be the themes and stories that would appear in your book if your life was a book of the Bible?


One response to “The Book of Danielle

  1. Kenny

    10 June 2010 at 12:19

    It’s not where you are; it’s where you’re headed:

    We can’t fully control what’s going to happen, or where we want to go, but we can certainly do things to help ourselves be prepared for it. That’s what is occuring in my life right now. It’s like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and even though it’s beyond my grasp, it’s there.

    I feel you so much on number three, that it’s beyond words. It truly is.

    I needed to see this post; read it last night, and read it again today. Thank you.


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