The True Beauty of Homecoming

02 Sep

Homecoming is a beautiful event. There are great parties, there is delicious food and of course it is a weekend full of attractive people. However, the true beauty of homecoming is that it reminds me to two things in three days.

The first reminder is why I went to Spelman. I went to Spelman to surround myself with positive, goal-oriented African American people. I also went to Spelman because of the sisterhood and because Morehouse is a 3 min walk 😉 So in the three to four days of homecoming all of these reasons come alive again. I get to party with stockbrokers on Wall Street, Corporate lawyers, entrepreneurs and even chiefs of staff- all under the age of 3o- talk about goal-orientated Black people. I also get to party with my best friends and my Spelman sisters who no matter if we are friends or not I am connected to because we spent that fateful first week wearing dresses and learning Spelman’s history not to mention four years of wearing a white dress with black shoes and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now on to that 3 min walk to dear ole Morehouse, from the bringing together and separation of my Morehouse brother to the Morehouse/Clark Atlanta basketball games I would be a lier if I didn’t say that Morehouse was not part of the reason why I went the Spelman. Seeing my Morehouse brothers, whether assigned at the end of Freshman Orientation or self assigned, during homecoming is always a treat. Seeing all the men that I partied with and socialized with and seeing all of the things they are accomplishing has no words. Of course the eye candy of successful and attractive black men of all shapes, sizes and colors doesn’t hurt either 😉

On to the second reminder, which is why I am glad I have graduated from Spelman and moved on. Though I had a great four, well three years-I went abroad for a year, at Spelman I knew by the end that it was my time to go. I had experienced what I needed to experience. I had learned a whole lot about myself and about life. I think the biggest lesson learned is that everything happens for a reason and that good things come out of bad situations but that is a whole other article. Getting back on track, as I have said before I had a great three years at Spelman but being at homecoming makes me see that if I had not left and went on to experience new things I would not have grown in the way that I have and become the young woman I am today. Coming “home” for me always allows me to see how I have grown which is why homecoming shows me why I am glad to be a Spelman alumna.

Homecoming as an alumna for me is like being in a funky time warp where you are in the past and the present all at the same time. I can party like I’m 19 with the maturity and privilege of being 24, or whatever age I am. I can relive Market Friday, Hump Wednesday, “The let out”, “Club Gate”, “Club Lot”, and the beer bashes at a single tailgate. I can even relive The Best of Both Worlds, The Viper Sip, house parties on Griffin St, the floor caving in, Latex– the good years, Studio Central, NV, Jaguar and Freshman and Final Fusions during one Saturday night party, the last one being at Turner Field. Such a time warp is best experienced no more than once or twice a year and hopefully, I will see you in the time warp next year- same time, same place, same location!

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