Smorgasbord of information…

23 Feb

So a lot has been going on with me lately so I decided to do a quick, I hope, smorgasbord of information.

“Lenting” for the First Time
So this is the first year I have decided to actually participate in Lent, one of my best friends has done it in the past but I just kinda looked at her like she was crazy. But this year I decided why not..I’m up for the challenge. It took me awhile to think of what I could give up. I more or less eat healthy, I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink too much. Finally it dawned on me what I could do- give up Facebook and MySpace. It was something that would be a sacrifice and something that was CLEARLY a large part of my life, I can barely go 24 hours without checking one or the other most times both. So to Facebook and MySpace see you on April 6th =)

Lent Day Two
Its only day two and I can sense that I will be getting a crackhead itch sometime soon. Basically this evening I have done replacement activities instead of going on Facebook or MySpace. I went to blogs of friends and associates and made comments, an idea that was stressed by someone on the Facebook referring to how people will complement his notes but not comment. So I did what I normally don’t do and I commented- so what if the entries were old…if anything maybe it will encourage them to post another blog.

In an ideal world: My Presidential Candidate Selection Committee
Between all of recent talk about the committees assessing if politicians should run for president in 2008 and reading Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope, a must read I may add, I thought about what if I could have a committee to look at who I should vote for and why. A group to get to the bottom of what is the deal with Hilary, to figure out if Obama’s inexperience is an advantage or disadvantage, to decide should I take Biden’s “articulate” comment in the spirit of it or literally and to even explore if I should even look at Giuliani. This committee would also look at candidates voting records to see how they have developed over time (my heart would go out to the team or intern that would look at Biden’s 34 year voting record). I am assuming that some of the people that may read this are thinking isn’t that what political action committees, political parties and other organizations are supposed to do? For me I get that but these groups are not personally catered to me they are catered to their interests some of which are important to me but I am concerned about the environment but I am not a tree hugger or I’m a democrat but I’m moderate. My Presidential Candidate Selection Committee would take these things into account and help me decide Biden, Clinton or Obama– a hard decision considering all three candidates represent some part of my identity. Biden is a Delawarean, Clinton is female and Obama identifies Black.

What is currently playing on my iTunes/iPod
I recently bought The Evolution of Robin Thicke and the Dreamgirls Deluxe soundtrack. Both I highly recomend. Robin Thicke’s album is SOOOO good. He has so many songs that I can relate to. “Lost without You” is one of those songs that always make me want to dance, no matter where I am. Moving to Dreamgirls the soundtrack is a greatway to re-live your favorite parts of the movie, if you have seen it. I was listening to this one all day at work today and I was cracking up the whole day at my desk. I also had, “Got me a Cadillac, Cadillac, Cadillac, got me a Cadillac car,” in my head all day- both versions. I would say more but I think I have said enouph for one day…so much for quick.


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