The International Relations of Relationships-Immigration Law

08 Aug

Worker Permits

The worker permit is a program between governments that allows citizens of one nation to temporarily work in another country, many times these permits are seasonal. The work permit program is a quick boost to any nation’s economy. Many time worker permit programs are instituted between neighboring nation states or states in the same region. Colloquial terms for worker permit- talking and/or dating.


Visas vary in type and purpose. Visas are useful as they permit longer-term travel between countries for study or vacation. Visas are a good option when worker permit requirements cannot be met and/or for nations that do not have a worker permit program in general or does accept/provide permits for your region. The Friendship Zone visa is a popular visa type. Depending on category the friendship zone visa, immigrants are able to get to know a nation that they may wish to obtain residency status at a later date but are not able to pursue a worker’s permit or apply for residency at the current time. Many times the Friendship Zone visa is an alternative route or special case option towards fulfilling the requirements for residency in a nation.


Residency is the immigrant option that gives security and rights to immigrants without the commitment of citizenship. Residency rights exceed the rights under the visa or worker permit programs. Many times nations will later deny or dispute the few rights that are required by international law for visa or worker permit programs. Colloquial terms for residency- girlfriend/boyfriend, term used depends on the migrant’s sex.


Citizenship is the desire or end goal of most immigrants especially for long term visa and/or resident holders. In a few cases those in the worker permit program are given invitations to citizenship but this is a rare occurrence. In most cases citizenship to a country is by invitation only however there are cases where an immigrant’s request for citizenship is granted. There is a new international tendency to grant immigrants a common law citizenship if the immigrant has more than five years of residency status. Note: residency is NOT a requirement to achieve citizenship though is highly recommended by most migration experts. Colloquial term for citizenship- marriage.


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