Why I love my Spelman Sisters

06 Jun

Today I was online looking up LSAT classes and trying to plan for my return to the states in August. Of course I got a bit overwhelmed with all the choices for classes and the cost of these classes, not cheap at all. I have already blown my LSAT budget. Anyway…after about a good 45 min to an hour of searching and reading and having no clue about how worth it is to pay an extra 800 for a Kaplan course or will I be find with a similar and cheaper course, I decided to email some of my Spelman sisters aka my Poli Sci classmates to see what they did to prepare for the LSAT. Well to my surprise within the hour I had two responses and a suggestion on who else to contact. I cannot tell you how happy it made me feel to not only have some answers to my questions but to realize that your Spelman sisters are there when you need them. We are all busy women and these women could have easily waited until tomorrow to answer my email but they didn’t. Besides the reminder of the greatness of Spelman College this experience also made me realize the importance of being respected by and respecting your peers because I also feel that if it wasn’t for the respect that I have given these women over the years, or at least I hope that is what I have given, I don’t think that they would have been so quick to reply.

Either way, much love to all my Spelman sisters and thank you so much. In addition don’t be shy send me an email, hit me up on the Facebook or wherever and whenever if you need me…this Spelman Alumna promises be there to help.

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Posted by on 06 June 2006 in Education, Spelman


One response to “Why I love my Spelman Sisters

  1. not spoiled, just loved

    26 June 2006 at 06:57

    If you haven’t done so already, you may also want to visit and sign up for their MILE program. It’s specifically for minorities, and they have lots of law school info. for us.


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