The Shirt and Tie

28 Apr

Lately I have been fascinated with a man in a shirt and tie. It’s on my list of things I am a sucker for see the entry below. For me I a man in a nice tie and shirt can do it. It could be because my father was always big on a man in a shirt and tie. He always said that you go to work with your shirt and tie. Or maybe it is what this shirt and tie means…a successful man. The businessman, the president, and the preacher, anyone in a society that has power and success wears a shirt and tie to work. And looking to Latin American, the Caribbean and more specifically the Dominican Republic where I live men are walking around in full suits and its 90 degrees outside. Why?? It’s the power of a shirt and tie. The shirt and tie shows a status, shows authority and demands to be respected. And looking to a social setting it makes a woman like me swoon. Just today in my diplomado class one of the guys had this wonderful combination it was a magenta toned shirt with a pink tie oh gosh…I had to focus in class, ok so I’m sorta kinda attracted to him but still. A smart man that can dress forget about it. I used to say that there is something appealing about the clean cut guy and something appealing about the thug looking guy but more and more its all about that shirt and tie.

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Posted by on 28 April 2006 in Culture, Fashion, Men


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