13 Apr

I don’t know why, ok I do but I’m not mentioning it here, but lately I have been thinking about Mr. Big. Not in the sense that I want Mr. Big but more in what Mr. Big represents. So continuing my blogging and Sex in the City analogies my new one is Mr. Big. Mr. Big represents that guy that keeps coming back, that our minds won’t let us forget, and looking to Sex in the City possible Mr. Right. I don’t know what it is but I keep thinking have I met my Mr. Big? Is he who I think he is or have I mis-pinned Mr. Big? What does it mean if I have found him? Do I have to wait six years for my Mr. Big to get his act together like Carrie did? Or rather do I have to wait six years for me to get MY act together and will Mr. Big still be there when I do?

We will see but in any case….here’s to Mr. Big…wherever and whom ever you may be.

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Posted by on 13 April 2006 in Pop Culture, Relationships


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