Do tigre blessings count?/ Blogging and Sex in the City

21 Mar

I was on my way home this evening and as I was walking one of the tigres at the colmado was like Dios te bendiga bella/ God bless you beautiful. It got me the thinking…well really I thought of this before but…do tigre blessings count? I mean are they really blessing you or are they thinking the nastiest thoughts in the world as they bless you. I can probably guess quite accurately that during the blessing by the tigre that he was looking right at my behind…talk about a blessing, I have been working that area at the gym but maybe it was the tigre blessings, I’m kidding really.

So as I was writing my catchy title it made me think…do people or females blog so that they can be like Carrie on Sex in the City…I know most people want to be like the Sex in the City stars for the sex they always seem to get but for me I did get a flash of seeing Do tigre blessings count? go across a computer screen in typical Sex in the City fashion. Is that not the motivation for people to blog…thinking that someone out there is waiting for that next entry, or someone is being enlightened by our everyday mishaps and triumphs…that would explain all the buzz by certain businesses trying to read their employees’ blogs or employers falling upon there employees blogs only to find out how the employees really feel about there job and or company. It is like uncontrollable negative publicly…and if only George Dubya could read some of the blogs of the United States…he wouldn’t be thinking that the war is still going peachy that is for sure.

Well I leave with those thoughts,

Madam Secretary =)


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