Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number

06 Mar

I write this because I realize or have been realizing that a lot of the people I hang out with here, or at least the Dominicans are a lot older than me. But even some of my friends in the states, okay one in particular but getting off track. Today I went to Carnival on the Malecon, the boardwalk, with my friend Digna and the whole age thing came up and she told me that she’s 28. I was like wow I wouldn’t have said you were more than 25, Dominicans are young looking. Then she asked how old I was and I’m like 22. It’s crazy cause my roommates are 27 and 28 and well look to the archives for the older Dominicans trying to get me to get with them. My neighbor Franklin has got to be pushin 60 and every time I see him he’s like I’m just waiting for you to say yes (that would be me saying yes to marrying him).

Either way it’s interesting because if you think back its like when I was ten you were 16, in the case of Digna and my other friends that are around 28 but now we hang out and we have lots in common where back in the day at 10 I hadn’t even started my period and you were and/or could drive.

Just had to get that down.

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Posted by on 06 March 2006 in Dominican Republic


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