Female Chofer

18 Dec

Ok so today I was on my way to Mr. Movies to return some movies and so as usual I went to the corner of my street to catch a concho, the taxi bus things that are the norm form of transportation in Santo Domingo (Sto Dom). But inside the concho was a surprise….a female driver. My friends had mentioned the concept and I have seen like 2 in my four months here but I have never had the luxury of actually riding in one, a concho with a female driver that is. I was so happy I was cheesing and I felt like shouting good for you…fue un placer/it was a pleasure. But of course I didn’t, but I wanted to. I was on this I don’t know maybe it was a feminist high or something but I almost forgot about what has been bothering me lately. Either way…here is to female concho drivers and man if I wasn’t a Fulbright scholar or I didn’t have this Spelman degree I would be a concho driver or better yet a cobrador, which are the guys that collect your money when you ride in the private busses or guaguas.


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