Pancake vs. Cake Mix

12 Dec

So…this weekend…I made a cake and I left it out too long so the ants ate it, I was SOOOO mad about that.

So then this morning I went to Plaza Lama, another WalMart type store in the DR, think Target vs Walmart, to buy another box of cake mix.

As I go into the store I ask one of the workers where is your cake in a box and the worker goes we don’t sell that here of course I knew that they did. So I quickly scanned the isles looking for the isle I needed and sure enoughh there was the cake mix, Super Moist Betty Crocker. So then I go back to the work and I’m like, “this is cax in a box,” and he goes no that’s flour and I go no, “its cake in a box.” Then he says I thought it was pancake mix and I’m like nooooo this is cake…it’s sweet. You should buy a box, make it and try it. You can even buy the icing and put it on top of the cake.

This story is much funnier in Spanish or spanglish but anyway that was my Monday morning…wish me luck that the ants don’t get to this new cake.

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Posted by on 12 December 2005 in Culture, Dominican Republic, Food


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